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I’m mulling over dropping NEW ONES as a general idea, because reviewing so few pages of any beginning seems senseless and counterproductive. It’s like taking just one step and then completely overthinking that first step and imagining what the rest would be like, or taking further (imaginary) steps in complete darkness. On the other hand, the option of waiting for the end of the first arc seems like too much effort, work, planning, and re-reading than I can muster every week for Retcon One. And what’s the use of a review which comes six months too late, or doesn’t make me regret writing some shit or other before realizing the strengths of a title? Yep, talked myself out of it. Spontaneously, as it should be.

Retcon One has the return of Drumhellar #6 (in the week when Sex Criminals also returned), NEW ONES have Eye of Newt #1 and The Wicked + The Divine #1.


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